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Sauteed mushroomsI love mushrooms.
Mushrooms love fat,
..especially butter.
They also love salt,
preferably sprinkled generously toward the end of cooking.

Also best friend with robust herbs like thymes and rosemary,
and of course, the ultimate friend: garlic. 

As you can gather, I am rather fond of mushrooms. Ever since I was a kid, I couldn’t get enough. In my opinion, few vegetables can divide people’s like and dislike as much as mushrooms. Okay, maybe tomatoes too. People who hate mushrooms, my dear brother being one of them, seem to tell me that their biggest problem is the texture, or rather the slimy  texture.… Read more


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As I sat on my kitchen table,
staring back at a blinking cursor on a blank page,
I had no idea where to start.
And then I thought I would start from the beginning; me.
Hi, my name is June. I promise you the next post will be about food.

I spent a lot of years in my 20’s trying to figure out what I would like to do with my life, like everyone else. I remember back when I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I wanted to help people learn things and share what I know. As I got older, social expectation has inevitably crept in; certain careers just seem more respectable in terms of money and social acceptance. That was why I studied an Engineering degree, and while I took away from that the skills to methodically solve problems, deep down I knew I didn’t want to become an Engineer.… Read more