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Thai green curry - Main

By popular demand, I thought it’s time to give the centre stage to one of the most popular Thai dishes outside Thailand (probably only second to Pad Thai). *Drum roll* The delicious, mouthwatering, and most controversially misunderstood  of all curries; Thai Green Curry.

Unless you have been to Thailand, have Thai friends whose mothers have cooked for you (this is location dependent ie. can she get all the ingredients), or are freakishly lucky to have come across a restaurant that sticks to the real flavour (very rare), I guarantee you that the Thai green curry you have come to love is almost definitely the westerner version of this beautiful curry.… Read more


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tacos mexico city
..tasty, succulent caramelised meat on a double layered of soft warm tortilla,
stringy melted fresh mexican cheese,
a slice of creamy avocado,
a slice of tomato,
few slices of sharp red onion,
a bowl of multi-coloured pickles on the side,
and more chilli salsas than you ever need.

The first time I had tacos in Mexico I was blown away. In fact, the picture above is the first taco I had, at breakfast, eating standing up by the counter in Zona Rosa area (translated to pink zone, the lively gay area) in Mexico City. We had been in Cuba for a month prior to coming here and the only chilli we had was from a small bag of chilli flavoured Doritos on the flight into Mexico City.… Read more